Bridgett "Babydoll" Riley

​​BRIDGETT “babydoll” RILEY




Feature Film 

Stunt double for actress Ashley Greene, character: “Alice”

Working out numerous fight sequences with several other stunt players as well as actors on such a ginormous production keeps me sharp and on my toes.  It is absolutely imperative that I stay focused in order to get the shot the director seeks while making the action look realistic and not harming anyone in the process. Now, that’s the trick. We shot in a HUGE retired horse-show arena in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, way off the beaten path in a desolated area of town. We were surrounded by yards and yards of green screen for all of the special effects used in this epic finale battle scene while filming on this location. Here I am holding a prosthetic head. I love my job. 





TV Series

Stunt double for actress Jaime Ray Newman, character: "blutbad" (werewolf-type creature)

Stunt double for actress Valerie Cruz, character:  (Dr. Levine) "geier" (vulture-type


Stunt double for actress Elizabeth Rodriguez, character:  (Agent Chavez) "steinadler" (hawk-type creature)

It was a LOT of fun having FULL head prosthetics made for me by Oscar winning SPFX Makeup Artist & Master Monster Maker - Barney Burman.  Performing in the parameters of these extreme conditions makes it not only difficult to see, but breathing becomes a chore when performing action as I morph into these CREEPY monsters. Seeing how the artists bring us to life on camera is amazing. Now comes my part, the action. My awesome boss, stunt coordinator Matt Taylor, puts together DOPE scenes that drive the show. We film the series in Portland, Oregon - one of my favorite places to work and play. Often our scenes are shot outside at night and it gets VERY cold on location. They give us hand warmers to put in our shoes because sometimes I cannot feel my feet. I like playing a creature because I am somewhat insulated by my animal-costume. I have had a blast on this TV series.





Feature Film 

Stunt double for actress Cloris Leachman, character: "Miss Fielder"

I am a HUGE fan of Miss Leachman, and getting to work with her and perform her action was a highlight in my career. She is as sharp as a tack and hilarious. She had us all laughing OUT LOUD on set non-stop. We shot an all out fight sequence where we trashed an entire living room -breaking everything in site from coffee tables to the wall art to vases, dressers, lamps, and anything else that got in our way. I simply love being a human wrecking ball.





These are shots of me in our backyard wearing my "HAWAII FIVE-O" uber high heels. I was asked to take a photo of what best represents my passion. This was a no brainer because it has always been my duel careers in professional KICKBOXING and BOXING. The stunt coordinator's creative wife had a few of us female stunt gals from "HAWAII FIVE-O" photograph ourselves wearing these swag heels she had custom made for us. Somehow the shoe designer infused actual action shots of us from the TV series-- into the 5 & 1/2 inch heels. I had the pleasure of stunt doubling actress Michelle Borth, character: "Catherine Rollins" on a few episodes.






TV Series

Stunt double for actress Eliza Dushku, character: "Echo"

I had to run up the hood of an SUV, continue to the roof top of the vehicle, staying as far right as possible (avoiding the rack) while timing my leap onto the hood of a moving car driving past the SUV. The first take did NOT go well. I was hesitant and ended up on the ground instead of the hood of the moving car. After a brief consultation from my boss, stunt coordinator Mike Massa, who coached me to "attack it, be cat-like, and don't be afraid to go for it," so i did, and that's when I nailed it. Thank GOD!! It was thrilling.



Feature Film

Stunt double for actress Malin Akerman, character: "Silk Spectre II"

I shot this movie in Vancouver, BC for six months. A large amount of choreographed fight scenes required a great deal of rehearsal for our stunt team. For the first time ever, i had to get a FULL body cast made of me in order for them to construct my super hero costume. It was like a 2nd layer of skin and it did not leave much for the imagination. I had to fight like 20 of my male stunt buddies in a prison scene. There were MANY sequences to remember and perform -take after take, for the sake of delivering the graphic impact the director was looking for. Working on this film was a challenge and extremely rewarding for me. 






This was a LONG time goal of mine since earning my black belt at the age of 16 back in St. Louis, Missouri. My dad would place this magazine in front of my face and tell me "YOU SHOULD BE ON THIS COVER!!!!!" All these years later after collecting five kickboxing world titles and an IFBA boxing world title...well, i finally made the cover. This one's for you dad. He is in Heaven now, and I get the feeling he knows. Shortly after this honor, I was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame.



MAKING WEIGHT on the scale. ICK!!!!! There were times when I was more nervous about stepping on that scale in front of the promoters, press, fans, my opponent, coaches, etc. than the actual fight itself. Talk about anxiety! So much work goes into preparing for a boxing fight and the closer one gets to fight night, the more adrenaline builds up and it is all so completely exciting that it is a task to control all of the emotions involved in the entire experience. This photo was taken from my weigh-in when I was under contract for Don King. One of my favorite boxing highlights in my entire career was to fight on Evander Holyfield VS. Lennox Lewis 1 at New York City's, historical Madison Square Garden. It was a bloody bout where I had to really dig and fight hard to gain the victory and walk away with the W. PS, it was HER blood, not mine.






This was a dramatic evening. I especially was looking forward to re-matching Del Pettis. We fought to a draw the first time we met in the squared circle, so this second get-together raised the stakes. Performing in this acclaimed arena, home to legends throughout the decades, made me feel a part of boxing royalty.  Many members of my family and friends were able to see me do my thing, LIVE. There was no need to go to the scorecards.  I won by way of knock out, dancing away with a dynamic victory, stealing the decision out of the hands of the judges. Now that's the way I like to win.




I encourage ALL to press forward, take risks, and just give it a shot. It is OK to get nervous and feel anxiety. All of that is fine. But use it as fuel and as an accelerator - NOT a brake. Dream big and take it one step at a time. There are no limits to what we are all capable of achieving at any age.